All-round service

With CASUS ® Escort you receive exclusive all-round service. – This starts when you book and only ends when you have said your passionate farewell to your date in a luxurious villa or private jet. For example, we will organize a suitable rental car for you and take care of the handover at the airport. If you decide on a luxury apartment or a chic yacht - nothing to be desired there either - we will take care of the arrival or departure including transfer from or to the airport as well as everything else that concerns your accommodation (check-in and check-out ).

Would you like VIP tickets?

We can't do magic, but the right connections enable us to get the best VIP seats in the most beautiful club in the city - the perfect date for you and your companions for the premiere of the new film or worldwide concert. With our concierge service, you can get a ticket for almost any event! Each customer has a personal concierge available to plan their date/event; alternatively, a program that suits you can be put together from our portfolio.

Enjoy the most beautiful suites in your city!

We offer exclusive charm and discreet service for everyone who likes something different and special. No matter where you are, our attractive models will take you to another time and enjoy the powerful magic of the moment. Our stylish, high-class escort service is familiar with the intricacies of each area and will always offer you the perfect setting. We not only provide you with attractive, exciting models for the hottest erotic adventures, but we also take care of all organizational aspects; During and before the date, we can of course be reached by phone to help you turn spontaneous wishes into reality.

With our service we are responsible for everything related to your escort date. This guarantees you the freedom to choose between our attractive candidates.