• Simply inquire by phone, email, contact form or WhatsApp. We coordinate your booking request with the lady you want. – Most of the time we can confirm the desired date in a short time. We look forward to fulfilling your wishes!

  • Deposit of the fee of 35% (via PayPal or bank transfer), as well as additional travel costs. The deposit can be transferred to our neutral business account or processed conveniently and securely via PayPal.* The remaining amount will be given to the lady in an open envelope on the date.

  • Simply fill out the booking form online or send all details to us via WhatsApp . Then your dream date can begin and you can look forward to unforgettable moments with your escort lady. After your date, all of your personal information will be automatically deleted from our system.

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Further important information!

– In the event of a short-term cancellation, the 35% paid in advance will be retained. –

* CASUS® escort service has an authorization to receive money from the respective, independent lady. (Regular customers do not have to pay a deposit. You can book directly by call, email or WhatsApp.)

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