Escort Munich

Experience the best of Munich and the legendary Oktoberfest with our exclusive escort service.

we from the CASUS ® Escort Agency are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to discover the enchanting city of Munich in the company of our charming and educated escorts. Munich is not only the capital of Bavaria, but also a cultural and culinary center that exudes tradition and joie de vivre. A special highlight is undoubtedly the famous Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest folk festival in the world and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Our exclusive accompaniment will ensure that your Oktoberfest experience is unforgettable. Together you can experience the festive atmosphere on the Oktoberfest grounds, try traditional Bavarian dishes and enjoy a pint of beer or two. Our escorts are very familiar with the customs of the festival and are available to give you help and advice.

But Munich offers much more than just Oktoberfest. Our escorts will be happy to accompany you to the city's most beautiful sights, including the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace, the impressive New Town Hall on Marienplatz and the Alte Pinakothek with its impressive art collection.

Munich also has a lot to offer for gourmets. Let our escort guide you to the best Bavarian restaurants, where you can taste traditional dishes such as white sausage, pretzels and pork knuckle. Or experience the modern side of Munich in trendy gourmet temples.

The nightlife in Munich is lively and diverse. Our escorts are well connected and can give you access to the hottest clubs and bars. Party the night away or enjoy a relaxed evening in a jazz bar – your wishes come first.

We at the CASUS ® Escort agencies specialize in making your trip to Munich an unforgettable experience. Our escorts are discreet and dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Contact us to arrange your personal accompaniment for Munich and Oktoberfest.

We look forward to welcoming you to Munich and giving you unforgettable moments.